About Me

I grew up in the fields, forests, mountains and waters of North Idaho. At an early age, my wonderful parents instilled in me a need for travel and lust for adventure. I have had a lifelong, passionate love affair with nature and I draw inspiration from that relationship every time I look through a camera.

I found the other half of my heart sipping on an IPA at the brewery where I worked through college. We married on top of Schweitzer Mountain and quickly adopted an abnormally large Golden Retriever whom we appropriately named, Traveler.

We currently reside in Alaska where we have a life full of adventures and I have the pleasure of traveling any and everywhere to photograph true love.

My Style

I have always been a storyteller. I always thought I would become a writer, but as soon as I picked up a camera, I discovered an entirely new way to tell a story. Describing a photograph or style of photography is almost impossible, so instead, I’ll explain my intentions…

Every time I photograph a human, an event, a simple flower, I want to feel something. I want you to feel something when you see it. I want to do more than make a pretty picture. I want to make you laugh or cry or sigh or hope or smile or simply, pause. I want the image to fill you up.

My Philosophy

The greatest compliment I consistently receive from clients is that I made them feel comfortable. I put them at ease. I helped the day to run smoothly.

This is more important to me than creating a “perfect” image. Because creating a relationship with the people I spend these intimate moments with is going to inevitably make their images more beautiful. Vulnerability and ease will make capturing those moments possible.

As the photographer, I am going to spend the entire day by your side. I have been a shoulder to cry on and the one who’s “been there before.” I have run to the store to buy 50 umbrellas, only to return them when the sun came out in time. I have a PHD in pinning boutteniers. I have delivered flowers, printed programs and rearranged dessert tables.

I go above and beyond, and yes – occasionally struggle with the fact that “that isn’t my job.” But at the end of the day – I cry at every ceremony or toast or father daughter dance. My face always hurts from smiling so much. And despite the fact that the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” has been played at every wedding since 2009 and is literally stuck in my head all summer long, I still love it and can’t help but dance with my camera every time it comes on.

It is such an honor to spend these priceless, intimate moments with people. To be included in this event. To be relied on and trusted. To have my company enjoyed and to thoroughly enjoy myself.

This is how I tell a story.

Why Film?

I shoot a combination of digital and film. I look at shooting film, in a way, the same way I look at a relationship. The best ones always take the most work, patience, understanding, respect, love and faith.

Film challenges me and makes me better at what I do. It requires me to have a better understanding of my craft and appreciation for the medium used to capture the image. The sound of the shutter, the anticipation of film scans arriving in my inbox, and what it feels like to touch a film photograph in print ignites the passion I have for photography. It helps me to tell a more intimate story. Film images are moment to moment. There’s no “I’ll fix that later” because it isn’t necessary. Shooting an image on film means perfecting the image before clicking the shutter.

Not to mention, the beauty of film is almost impossible to replicate with it’s digital counterpart or any computer program!

I like to think that when you see an image I created on film, you can see that I was happy when I made it.

My Clients...

Love to be outside.

Prefer to get married on a mountain or a boulder. Near a river or a lake. In a forest or a field. In a cathedral flooded with light or an old restored barn where stars shine through missing shingles.

The bride doesn’t mind getting her dress a little dirty or her feet a little wet.

Her groom will hold her hand as she crosses a stream, give her a boost when she climbs a tree, and offer his jacket when she steps out into the snow.

They love adventure and nature and all of the elements.

They marvel at each other, and it shows.

They care about details, but never for a moment, forget the most important detail, and the only one that matters at the end of the day – are one another.

Fun Facts

I get ridiculously excited for the first snowfall of the year.

My parents followed a business endeavor to Portugal, packed my brother and I up when I was just a year old and moved there. That quickly fell through, so they decided to travel all around Europe with a baby and a toddler.

My earliest memory is of sitting in a swing set in Switzerland when I was one. It is my only memory from that trip.

I’m allergic to lettuce and chicken (and about a hundred other things).

My favorite beverage is water from glacier-fed streams.

All conversations need a good pun, a little sarcasm and at least one dirty joke.

Watching the Northern Lights dance is truly spectacular.

I love the sound of fingers sliding up and down a fret.

My dad rotated three lullabies when I was little –  The Beatles’ “Rocky Rocoon,” Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” and Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Night Riders Lament,” (yodel and all). I will sing them to my kids.

I was body-checked by a baby elephant in Chiang Mai. I got terrible whiplash but it was so worth the story.

I have been completely lost in both Bangkok and Galway. Galway was a fun place to get lost. Bangkok induced a panic attack.

I drank yak butter tea in a monestary in Nepal despite having a horrible allergy to dairy. But you don’t turn down a monk when he offers you yak butter tea. Or the refill…

I have been chased by a herd of cows on more than one occasion.

There is literally no place in the world I don’t want to visit.

I have a love/hate relationship with hot yoga. Mostly love. Unless I ate curry before class.

I love curry!

I give a lot of hugs. And I linger. I’m one of those huggers.

I often forget my dog is not a human.

I think my family and friends are the greatest people on earth.




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