July 17, 2014


2013 was my best year.

It was my most difficult year.

It was my most rewarding year.

The problem with loving your job so much is struggling to know how and when to say no. I didn’t say no much in 2013 and there is a reason I’m just posting my 2013 review blog 7 months into 2014. In fact, not only did I not say no – I welcomed every opportunity. I invited it in. I OFFERED it. To say that 2013 was slightly overwhelming would be a dramatic understatement.

But I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

Not a single moment.

I thrived on every bit of chaos. Every mile I logged was a big gold star. I learned more than I have ever learned, pushed harder than I have ever pushed, and was so utterly humbled by every moment I witnessed and documented.

My photography took me from covered bridges in Vermont to the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska. I photographed everything from street performers in Boston to my sweet grandparents in front of my childhood treehouse. I drove hundreds of miles along the Oregon coast to Salt Lake City to Montana and back to Idaho. I laughed through amazing speeches. I cried with the groom when his bride walked down the aisle. I worried with wedding guests when the rain clouds came rolling in, and celebrated when they cleared just in time. I was pulled onto the dance floor by overjoyed newlyweds on more than one occasion. I reunited with past wedding clients, documenting their newest adventure as the cradle their newborn. I captured countless kisses and witnessed immeasurable joy. I was hugged more times than I can count. I made new friends. I tried new things. I discovered new places.

And the people.

Oh the people.

I had clients rock jump through streams. Go barefoot in the mountains. Climb trees before their ceremony. Hike through the snow to a backcountry cabin in Alaska. Traverse through fields. Dip their toes in the water. Dance in the desert…

And when the season came to an end, and the thousands of photos were edited, printed and delivered safely into the hands of their wonderful keepers, I tucked my camera into my closet for a little hibernation. I discovered deeper smile lines and accepted the new wrinkles by my eyes. I counted a few more gray hairs and had my back adjusted regularly. I made up for lost time with my  friends and took solace in the peace and quiet of my home with my family. I watched the snowfall and I dreamed new dreams. I bathed with elephants and rested my tired toes in the Andaman Sea.

And then I began to miss it. So I began to prepare for the season ahead. For new adventures and new friends. Ready to capture more smiles and tears. To laugh and cry and rejoice all over again.

I can’t say thank you enough to the incredible humans who invite me into their lives and allow me to be a part of their extraordinary events.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. This is really my job.

Please take a moment to reflect with me on my greatest year.


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  • Jessica

    you.are.amazing. so much love and happiness in these images. you are so truly gifted my friend! xoxo

  • Lauren Kinsey

    Beautifully written and wonderful, compelling images! Lovely, Haley.

  • Tristain

    Haley…. You are such a talented woman. I am always blown away by the quality your work and how well you are able to convey emotions through your shots. Incredible as always. I think my favorite might be the grainy, black and whites… and the mama nursing her babe. Beautiful :) Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

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