Rachel + Steven – Alaska Heavenly Lodge – Kenai, Alaska

May 20, 2014


Rachel and Steven were married at the beautiful Alaska Heavenly Lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. They were surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends, many of whom pitched in to bring to life this stunning wedding full of handmade details.

When I met with them to discuss their wedding last winter, I asked if they had a theme or idea of aesthetic – they answered “Fun.” And that’s exactly what they created. From the hilarious wedding party, to the bright colors, to the awesome band who played an amazing wedding rendition of Flight of the Conchords’ “Business Time” (if you’ve never experienced this song, take a minute to treat yourself - then imagine that with wedding-themed lyrics…. Legendary.)

After the ceremony, Rachel and Steven made a last-minute decision to drive to a nearby beach for their photos session. I was thrilled.

A moment I look forward to at every wedding is the one-on-one time with a bride and groom after their ceremony – when they are subliminally high on love and happiness, the pressure is off, and they can never seem to stop kissing and smiling at each other. I adore being involved in such a special time in their lives.

We drove a few miles to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever set foot on. It was lightly raining and the dark sky offered a moody backdrop, enhancing the stark greens and glacial blues of this Alaskan setting – it was the perfect watercolor Kenai day.

The rain didn’t bother this born-and-raised Kenai couple at all – if anything, it was invigorating and I could have spent hours at this location! And what perfect subjects to work with. Completely natural in front of the camera and simply caught up in the moment.

Rachel and Steven – Thank you for welcoming me into your lives on this very special day. It was so wonderful getting to know you and work with you. Wishing you both the very best!


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