Elly + Ronan | Schweitzer Mountain | July 29th

September 20, 2012

Elly and Ronan combined two of my favorite things for their beautiful wedding: Schweitzer Mountain and elements of Ireland.

Ronan grew up in Ireland, Elly grew up skiing at Schweitzer, and they met through a friend while both spending time in Australia. It’s one of those adventurous love stories.

Their wedding day was beautiful – there is no other kind for a Schweitzer wedding – but the delicate and meaningful details put into this wedding were countless, the weather was perfect, and all of the words spoken throughout the day were those of joy and love and full of emotion.

One of my favorite things is listening to speeches at weddings – hearing the couples’ stories retold from the mouths of those nearest and dearest in the most endearing, and often humorous, ways possible. This set of speeches brought tons of laughter as well as a few tears.

But wonderful as it turned out, no wedding is without it’s planning issues, and Elly’s story is every bride’s worst nightmare…

Days before there wedding as they were driving from California to Sandpoint, the wedding dress had been safely laid flat, wrapped in two garment bags, in a rocket box on top of their car, to avoid any contact with the dogs inside. In a horrible turn of events, the rocket box lid flew off and the dress flew out. On the freeway. In California.

Miraculously,  while the two garment bags were shred to pieces, the dress, despite it’s intricate details, was not torn, but was stained with black tire marks after being run over by two semis.

When we met a couple of days before the wedding, Elly still wasn’t sure if those stains were coming out. But, after two visits to two dry cleaners, and a lot of finger crossing and anticipation, the dress was returned, good as new.

The luck of the Irish, perhaps…?

Couldn’t help myself :-)

Despite it all, Elly handled the situation with grace and was every bit a graceful and stunning bride in her beautiful, unscathed gown.

Elly and Ronan, thank you so much for inviting me to document your wedding day! It was such an joy to be a part of and so much fun! Wishing you both the very, very best.






  • Debi

    Haley, these are stunning photos. It is wonderful how you capture so many special moments and details to tell an awesome story!

  • orla

    Top Of The Morning To Haley…. Beautiful Photos of Ronan & Elly’s great day and might i add the little page boy who was a gem … our wee boy Ethan …if your ever in Ireland feel free to drop by for a tea or beer, you have a great talent. Many Thanks, Ronan and Elly’s big and hopefully wiser Sister, Orla and family from the Emerald island of Ireland ….Slainte

  • Betti Alleman

    Dear Elly and Ronan, Your happiness radiates! Please remember the beautiful day you were married, your love and committment to each other. One day in the future you will need to rely on those feelings. May you be blessed with patience and joy every day.
    Betti Alleman (friend of Claudia from HI)

  • Vivian Hooper

    Elly and Ronan..what a wonderful memorable wedding. Such joy on everyones faces in the fantastic pictures. Wishing you happiness and much love. Auntie Viv and Ken

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